A Letter to My Younger Self (before Substance Use Disorder Hijacked my Family)

Lori Drescher, Certified Addiction & Family Recovery Coach, CCAR R.C.P.

Lori Drescher is a Recovery Coach practitioner; she is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC), a RCP (CCAR Recovery Coach Professional) Family Recovery Coach, Certified Recovery Coach Trainer, and a parent in long term recovery from the effects of loving and living with an adult child who suffers from chronic addiction illness (substance use disorder).  A professional recovery coach works to improve the quality of life for those affected by addiction. Lori has coached families and individuals since early 2014, speaks publicly regularly, and advocates across NYS and nationally for improved access to prevention, treatment, and community recovery supports. Her mission is to eradicate the stigma and shame of addiction in families, to empower families to achieve their own recovery, and to advocate for vitally needed community recovery supports. Her professional career includes 25 years of executive and management coaching, training, and experiential learning design.

Lori is a member of the Monroe County Opioid Task Force, the Subcommittee on Overdose Response Review, and co-facilitates NYS Community-based Recovery Supports (CBRS) Committee led by FOR-NY including NYC,  Albany and Rochester.  She is a member of several addiction and recovery community groups and hopes to help establish a Recovery Community organization (RCO) in the Rochester/Upstate areas.  

She started the Recovery Coach University in 2016 and is a designated ‘Best Practice Trainer’ in NYS as well as an NYCB PWI approved Trainer. She is approved by OASAS and ASAP New York Certification Board to train others in the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy (30 hrs), Ethics for Recovery Coaches and Peer Advocates (16 Hrs.) and the new NYCB Certified Professional credential, CRPA-Family. She also delivers Medically Assisted Training for RC's and PA's (6 Hrs.) and other Recovery Coach and Addictions Counselor trainings approved for Re-Certification.  Her goal is to train many other aspiring Recovery Coaches and Peer Support Advocates in an effort to bridge the widening gap between addiction treatment and sustained recovery.

Lori is available to travel and bring the RC training on-site to agencies, schools or other organizations wishing to train Peers in the Recovery Coach certifications (CRPA and CARC) and additional skill building.  She also trains first responders in Recovery Coach basics. She and her training partner Keith Greer are also available for speaking engagements, as well as individual and family recovery coaching, both in person and remotely by phone.  

For Recovery Coach appointments or to learn more about RCU’s training offerings, Contact  Lori by email or call:  585-303-5339.

This training exceeded all of my expectations!! Content was useful in more ways than I can count.
Lori & Keith are an absolutely dynamic training duo, Thank you!


Keith Greer,  L.C.S.W., P.C.C., P.R.C.

Keith  leverages over 37 years of experience as an Executive, Life and Recovery Coach, School Social Worker, Family Therapist, Addictions Specialist, Speaker and Trainer toward  his compassionate, creative and influential work with individuals, families, organizations and businesses.

Keith is now incredibly excited to have partnered with Lori Drescher with a focus on bringing high quality Professional Coaching Training to those that are interested in either pursuing the New York State Recovery Coach Certifications (CRPA and CARC) and/or looking to enhance their knowledge and  skills as a Recovery Coach.

He is profoundly honored to work with people who are passionate about creating work, home and school lives that are highly meaningful and fulfilling. Keith's relationship with his clients is guided by an unwavering belief that all people are the experts on their own lives and are ultimately capable of designing and charting a direction for their future. By tapping into their own brilliance and sense of personal power, his clients are empowered to create, and successfully achieve, personal goals that not only lead to sustained and lasting change, but are clearly aligned with their values, dreams and aspirations.

A graduate of The Syracuse University School of Social Work and The Institute For Life Coach Training, Keith is recognized by The International Coach Federation (I.C.F.) as a Professional Certified Coach (P.C.C.). Keith is also recognized as a Certified Progressive Recovery Coach by The Center for Progressive Recovery.

One of the leading Recovery Coaches and Certified Recovery Coach Trainers in the Western New York region, Keith is  inspired by  individuals and family members who are passionate about creating healthy and meaningful supports and networks that result in truly fulfilling and long lasting recoveries!

In his 30th year as a School Social Worker, Keith been intricately involved in the creation and implementation of a myriad of services that are student and family centered, with an overarching emphasis on the development of individual and family strengths and resilience.

Keith enjoys a reputation as a highly effective, passionate and enthusiastic Speaker/Trainer.  He has presented on the state and national level on topics such as Effective Communication, Coaching, Leadership, Parenting, Adolescent Development, Addiction and Recovery Issues, and Individual & Family Wellness. 

Keith has been an Adjunct Faculty member at both Rochester Institute of Technology and Nazareth College where he created and taught courses on Addiction and Family Therapy .

  Contact Keith here or call for an appointment:  585-764-9431.