Recovery Coach Services for Families

A Family Recovery Coach is someone who helps those AFFECTED by the addiction and recovery of another through their own recovery process. Much like the journey of recovery from addiction, family members' lives can begin to unravel as they navigate the significant challenges of loving a person in active addiction or early recovery. The coaching relationship focuses on helping the AFFECTED person develop the skills, tools, and attitudes to positively transform their relationships and restore them to wellness.

A family recovery coach helps the individual define their own path to recovery wellness that includes learning effective methods of communicating, setting limits with love, and helping your loved one find their own motivation to change.

A Family Recovery Coach IS:

Encourager, Motivator, Cheerleader
Ally and Confidant
Truth Teller
Problem Solver
Resource Broker

A Family Recovery Coach IS NOT:

Therapist / Psychologist
Medical Practitioner
Treatment Specialist

Contact Lori or Keith to schedule a consultation for private Family Recovery Coach services: Or Call 585-303-5339 (Lori) or  585-764-9431 (Keith).