NYS Peer Recovery Professional Certifications

Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA and CRPA-P) Training Requirements:

CRPA and CRPA-P Peer Recovery Certifications require 46 Hours of approved Training in order to become eligible for NYS Certification through the NYCB. At Recovery Coach University we offer the fundamental workshops to meet these requirements as well as many that meet re-certification requirements.

The fundamental 46 Hr Training Requirements can be obtained by attending:

30 Hr CCAR Recovery Coach Academy

16 Hr Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches

CRPA Certifications are the most popular of the Recovery Coach credentials because there are many job openings in NYS since Medicaid now reimburses agencies for the evidence based services of the Recovery Peer Professional. For details, applications and requirements always check with the NYS Certification Board (NYCB) as they are the experts and authorities! For step-by-step description of the certification process, download this document.

Click here for NYCB’s newest certification CRPA-Family training and certification requirements!

Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC) Training Requirements:

CARC Certification require 60 Hours of approved Training in order to become eligible for certification. The same 2 foundation training workshops apply to this certification:

30 Hr CCAR Recovery Coach Academy

16 Hr Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches

Additional Training and Continuing Development Opportunities for CRPAs and CARCs!

Additionally, Recovery Coach University offers other workshops to help meet the Certification requirements for the CARC and Re-Certification requirements for CRPA’s:

6 Hr Motivational Interviewing

6 Hr Coaching Skills for Recovery Peer professional, Counselors and Clinicians

12 Hr. Peer Supervision Training

And many eligible workshops can be found online:

Online Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Motivational Interviewing in a Chemical Dependency Setting:  https://www.oasas.ny.gov/testportal/AMcourses.cfm

NYSMandatedReporter Training

All Academy of Peer Services free online courses are approved for CARC/CRPA renewals

Mental Health First Aid courses

Continue your Skills Development and Peer Network:

Recovery Coach University 2nd Monday Drop In Learning Collaborative and Group Supervision

Recovery Coach University Radio Show: Every Thursday 11:00 - 12:00, also listen to prior shows here.

Face Book: Like us on Recovery Coach University

Face Book: Ask to Join Western NY Recovery Coach and Peer Advocate Network

Sources for Funding and Scholarships:

Please Note: Scholarships and Funding can take up to 5 weeks to secure. Begin today!

FOR-NY (Friends of Recovery New York) and OASAS

Recovery Coach University is a NYS Best Practices Training provider selected to offer this unique scholarship opportunity for Training for CRPA Certifications. Learn more here.

ROCHESTERWORKS! Funding for Peer Recovery Trainings

Recovery Coach University is an approved vendor with RochesterWorks! Learn more here. Or call (585) 258-3500 to speak with a counselor about eligibility and application for training grant to cover your 46 Hrs CRPA Training fees.

Beginning in July 2019 RochesterWorks! also has a federally funded ‘Opioid Grant’ to assist those in our community seeking training and career opportunities who have been affected by the Opioid Crisis and are seeking to give back in our community to help provide solutions. If you think you may be eligible, please contact Clark Rodman: crodman@rochesterworks.org or call 585-258-3500 extension 6045.

ABC HPOG (Action for a Better Community Health Profession Opportunity Grants)

Funding available for individuals seeking a health care profession (including Peer Recovery Professions!) Learn More Here or email Brian Kelsey: BKelsey@abcinfo.org

For People with Disabilities:

ACCES-VR (New York State Education Department Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation) assists people with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment. Attend an orientation session to learn more about ACCES-VR and the services they provide

Lori Drescher Recovery Services & Training is an approved ACCES-VR Vendor: #676998.
Please provide this information to your Rehabilitation Counselor.

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